Caliber’s goal is to become a "single source” provider of choice, the general construction firm that is relied upon for the expertise and performance to successfully complete projects on-time and within budget; one that gives Owners the benefit of having a team member that looks out for their best interests and views each and every project from the same point of view.  Providing a hassle-free construction process is the "Caliber Way”.  A hassle-free process is only accomplished by having a thorough understanding of the total improvement process from start to finish. Caliber’s experience gives Owners the advantage of having an organization on their side that not only understands the process but understands the importance of providing a successful experience for all parties. Caliber is committed to excellence, simply and totally, not meaning that excellence can be accomplished by throwing money at a problem -- it can't. Rest assured that Caliber will seek the very best for the available budgets, assuring Owners that Caliber will continually be the most critical judge of our own performance.  In all of our work, we seek to identify "sustaining competitive advantages," advantages that can propel projects for years to come.

We Provide:

  • Pre-Construction Services
  • Project Planning and Scheduling
  • Continuous Communication with Management & Design Representatives
  • Supervision throughout all Phases of Construction 

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